I do one-time projects like audits, SEO training & algorithm update recoveries at the highest rate per hour.

Month-to-month is best for short 1-3 month periods like for site redesign input or trying my services.

A yearly retainer is needed to improve organic search results in the long run. I start by recommending technical SEO fixes. You’ll also get a customized strategy updated for each quarter.

However you proceed, you’ll be among less than 10 clients within these options:

    1. $150-200/hr for projects needing less than 35 hours
    2. $5000 month-to-month ($125-150/hr) with no commitment for a full day weekly
    3. $4000 per month for a 12-month commitment ($100-125/hr) with a full day weekly

Half days per week are possible, depending on circumstances, though for a higher fee than half of typical plans.