Here are the options:

  1. Troubleshooting: $200/hr for projects
  2. Advisory: $3000 monthly for 6 months ($150/hr)
  3. Growth: $5000 monthly for 3 months ($125/hr)

Troubleshooting is for temporary issues like technical SEO & general strategy, often addressed through custom audits ($3-5k).

Advisory is support & guidance best suited for organic growth maintenance, companies with in-house SEO or existing clients. I devote 20 hours monthly to your business.

Growth is collaboration, integrating SEO across your company. We’ll strive to beat KPIs but may need multiple cycles. I devote 40 hours monthly to your business. This is the preferred, most popular solution.

For ongoing partnerships or those of larger scope, we can set a flat hourly rate despite variable work that is lower than for projects.

Retainers can be canceled, with a full refund, any time during the initial month.

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