Add a Table of Contents for Better SEO

Table of Contents for SEO Backlinko Example

An underused SEO tactic is to organize your page with a Table of Contents (ToC).

A ToC contains links leading to sections within the page itself, sometimes called fraggles or jump links, that scroll you to a specific part. You need to set anchors, ideally for each header, to allow these links.

A ToC increases the chances for sitelinks, or links that display alongside your main page, to occupy more search engine real estate.

Remember that most people only skim online. A ToC will therefore increase the likelihood for user engagement. Visitors are less likely to go back to the search results, a ranking factor called Dwell Time, that’s also improved by a ToC.

Extra tip… create a Scroll to Top CTA that’s sticky, so a user can return to the ToC more easily.

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