Address Keyword Categories, Not Just Phrases

Instead of targeting specific keywords, why not rank for a whole category?

A client has their industry searched for by location. As a global company in 60+ countries, we created a separate page for each office. Previously, they just listed them on a single page.

Another client lets you apply to shift work in the medical field. While local intent is obvious here, searchers also want to find jobs by specialization like dermatology or dialysis. I suggested adding these as filters via faceted navigation, with separate pages for the most popular keyword combinations.

What these examples have in common is…

  1. at least 1 shared keyword targeted across multiple pages.
  2. an indexable page for each viable keyword combination.

Why does this approach work so well?

No one can guarantee keyword positions. However, you have better odds to rank for less competitive ones in a category. These in turn boost your chances of ranking for similar keywords with more search volume, since your topical & domain authority improve, forming a virtuous cycle.

Can you find a way to address a whole set of keywords? If so, create pages targeting them. You’ll not only serve more users but discover an organic goldmine as well!

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