Applying SEO Principles Beyond Google: Yelp

One of the best ways to earn more search engine leads is to apply SEO principles beyond Google.

Yelp Logo

Yelp ranks highly for local search queries. Most companies can never outrank this giant, so why not thrive within it? It’s sensible that potential customers want to compare reviews across businesses too.

Though Yelp has been fairly mum on their algorithm, try these proven tips:

  1. Include keywords for the Services and About the Business sections, even within photo captions.
  2. Avoid soliciting reviews but include Yelp listings in your digital marketing assets. Try social icon links within the footer of emails and your website. Yelp scans review text to determine your ranking keywords, giving more weight to Yelp Elite reviews.
  3. Create as many listings as possible from your physical addresses.
  4. Complete your profiles, especially through full service areas and as many relevant categories as possible.
  5. Participate by responding to reviews, encouraging questions, uploading multiple photos, and so forth. These may not be direct factors, but they work by improving user engagement, which certainly helps.

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