Use Audience-Based Keywords to Improve SEO

We have started to move away from casting a wide net, or hoping that generic digital marketing appeals to all possible buyers. As W.S. Gilbert says, “When everyone is somebody, then no one’s anybody.”

This reality has given rise to Account-Based Marketing (ABM). We better segment our audience in email campaigns or apply smart CTAs for target personas on our website. In short, we earn more conversions by personalizing our message.

How can we apply this to SEO?

A big mistake, often seen within e-commerce, is not considering who uses our products & services through keywords. For example, if we sell exercise equipment, is it meant for CrossFitters, bodybuilders, or trainees at home?

The keywords describing these markets should be incorporated into product & category pages. We may even create new pages for each use case.

This is already done well within the cybersecurity space. Industries is a common subcategory within a Solutions dropdown in the navigation menu, with pages designed for each vertical like healthcare or education.

Therefore, make sure you include keywords describing not just what you provide but who benefits from it. You’ll improve SEO and conversions too.

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