Avoid Indulging in SEO Gamification

Never be a completionist toward getting a perfect score, or no issues whatsoever, in PageSpeed Insights, Search Console or any SEO platform.

Core Web Vitals Scoring Image

Gamification is meant to boost your engagement with the tool. It takes advantage of your psychological need to close the loop, fulfilling commitments (even if not made consciously) before moving onto something else.

This is not what’s good for SEO after the real problems are fixed. Tools often point out so-called flaws when things look quite good.

For example, you can pass the Core Web Vitals Assessment for page speed yet still get a big, red, failing Performance score with countless opportunities listed.

You’ll hit the point of diminishing returns long before you reach the end of any SEO audit.

A crawler shows broken links across your site, but do you really need to correct them all? This is a manual effort. Except for key pages, you’ll spend too much time that could have been for growth through content & backlinks.

Just know you aren’t being thorough… you’re being manipulated!

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