Avoid Oversaturated Backlink Opportunities

To improve off-page SEO, know that backlinks from a page oversaturated with them have dubious value…

It’s still popular to award scholarships for winners of an essay contest, with businesses approaching universities to share their program.

The latest trend is gathering tips from countless experts for a messy roundup post.

In these two examples, links accumulate on a single page, meaning each one passes less value according to the concept of PageRank.

There’s another problem though.

Google discounts links from irrelevant sites, which exist alongside oversaturated content, making the whole effort potentially worthless.

Avoid this by going niche. Earn an interview from a local news source. Help with an editorial in a publication your audience follows.

Could a prospect click one of these links? This is the ultimate test, not just for good referral traffic but SEO value too. If linkbuilding only for Google… big mistake!

Links remain vital since they are votes of confidence for a page. Yet many oversimplify, getting links that look good yet fail to earn sales and improve SEO as well.

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