Case Studies Improve SEO?

Don’t ignore the SEO potential of a good case study!

What happens more often though is an important lesson.

Many businesses define their case studies in terms of the company they helped, but this fails to attract much organic traffic.

In most cases, prospects aren’t seeking out results for specific companies… they want to view success for their need & industry.

For example, target “e-commerce SEO case study” instead of “Temu case study” or create a general category page with several case studies.

If you’ve helped a major player thrive, you should definitely emphasize that on-page. Just don’t target them in search results (unless you see a demand).

Beyond improving SEO, case studies check all the boxes for great marketing… the significant time you’ll invest will pay off through more conversions too.

As one of the most engaging content pieces, case studies also boost dwell time. Fewer visitors will return to search results, so better keyword rankings… not to mention more growth throughout your whole business!

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