Case Studies Improve SEO?

A less popular yet effective tactic within SEO is the case study.

For keyword rankings, case studies fail miserably. They rank for almost nothing unbranded. Rarely you find prospects seeking business strategy for a company you helped, if they’re large.

Nonetheless, a case study is a comprehensive testimonial. They cite specific goals reached and describe a successful process to solve a problem. It provides social proof from others similar to your target audience, coming from them and not yourself.

This takes more work versus other content, but as with most things in life, you reap greater results. And, if you create a good case study for a famous brand, this is pure digital marketing gold. (Better than gold… as Charlie Munger says, “Civilized people don’t buy gold.”)

Retaining website visitors for longer improves SEO. Search engines track if users stay on-site instead of heading back to the search results. Even if users arrive from a different page, they’ll view case studies when truly interested in your products & services.

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