Uncovering SEO Secrets from Google

A path to mining secrets in SEO is to pay close attention when Google’s reps share information.

Official materials tend to be tame, as Google doesn’t want spammers to know, for sure, how to manipulate search rankings.

However, more obscure news like when Google testified for the FTC or an AMA can reveal true gems.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, previously SVP of ads & commerce at Google, has co-founded a new ad-free search engine called Neeva.

In a company blog, he mentions among other nuggets how Google is biased toward “websites with a high volume of content [that] can manufacture the appearance of authority by linking to its own pages.”

How can we benefit from this insight?

Through content produced on a regular schedule, always be internally linking to your essential pages. Furthermore, think creatively such as by adding footer links, an HTML sitemap, related articles, etc.

At the least, this will help users find your key pages while, for now, further appeasing the largest search engine in the world (right from the horse’s mouth).

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