Don’t Hire a Full-Time SEO!

Don’t hire a full-time SEO!

SEO is an invaluable skill, but it has evolved into a knowledge base instead of a practice.

When SEO began, those curious about it noticed how to dominate keyword rankings. They edited HTML, created content, and built links. They became a jack-of-all-trades, yet a master of none, since no one had specialized in those areas.

Today, digital marketing has progressed so that at most places, there are silos for everything SEOs did.

Web developers add structured data via HTML. Content writers incorporate keywords into copy. PR and partnerships find opportunities for links.

SEOs now play their ideal role by educating, integrating, and optimizing. They synergize existing efforts toward better organic search results, which are essential for most large companies.

Many small businesses won’t find much value. SEOs won’t have enough tangibles to improve. They also lack skills others bring to get the company out there.

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