Emphasize City Pages for Multi-Location Businesses


If you are a multi-location business, create pages on your site for each of your offices. Then, display these pages clearly within your navigation, limiting the # of clicks needed to reach them.

I work with a regional solar installer resisting this idea. They provide services throughout all of California. By emphasizing their offices, they may appear small. Their perspective makes sense.

Nonetheless, our customers decide the appropriateness of our businesses to solve their problems, not us.

If you study the development of Google’s algorithm, analyzing documents like the Search Quality Rating Guidelines, it’s clear they want to align with user expectations.

When Google shows 3 nearby businesses within a local map pack for most solar-related searches, be assured that users want this too. Imagine having an urgent service request; you can’t wait for a team to drive across the state.

Not emphasizing your offices means that both prospects and search engines deprioritize you. Burying their pages deep within your site also signals that they matter little for SEO.

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