Create an Evergreen Page vs. Multiple Pages

A good SEO best practice, yet easy to forget, is to have an evergreen page for content updated regularly.

For example, your company may run holiday promotions or publish a yearly guide on a topic. Instead of having a page for 2020 and then a new one for 2021, update a stable page with the same URL. This URL should exclude anything dynamic, like the year.

Make sure to still call attention to this page on your homepage, navigation menu, and elsewhere above-the-fold when the time is right.

This has several advantages:

  1. You’ll earn better rankings for evergreen keywords, that value age more so, yet can quickly change SEO meta tags & copy for the current year.
  2. You avoid having to redirect old pages, which may not pass their full link equity.
  3. Google and other search engines will more quickly reindex your content, since it has already discovered the page.
  4. Your site will be leaner, which is better for SEO, all things being equal.
  5. This likely saves your content team some effort during a busy season!

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