Exploring Authoritative Pages Externally

Here’s a quick SEO tip for discovering authoritative pages, beyond your own site, regarding your company.

Enter the search below into Google, with my business as an example:

-site:rdldigital.com rdldigital

In these results, you’ll find industry/employment/local review sites, social media accounts, local citations, press releases, forum discussions, opinion pieces, and more.

This method can initially favor pages with high authority that otherwise are static, so keep scrolling through the result pages for insights.

You can quickly check sentiment, positive or negative, behind a company while addressing this feedback, if sensible.

This is vital because, as Google states in their Search Quality Rater Guidelines, “When the website says one thing about itself, but reputable external sources disagree with what the website says, trust the external sources.”

Never miss a useful SEO insight.