FAQs Structured Data to Improve SEO

FAQs Featured Snippets via Structured Data Search Engine Results Page

Featured snippets show answers to queries directly on the search engine results page instead of clicking a link.

Beyond well-organized content using headers, lists, and short paragraphs to encourage these, structured data allows you to define rich information on your site via HTML.

Structured data therefore enables additional snippets for occupying even more search engine real estate, improving SEO.

Structured data for FAQs are underused. Done correctly, this will show 3 Q&As for a page directly within the search results. This can be done for customer support pages, FAQs, and even homepages.

Follow Google’s directions here to markup up your content via HTML. You can then confirm it works through Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. View additional structured data options here.

This can also be done via Google Tag Manager.

Never miss a useful SEO insight.