Good or Bad? SEO Keyword Ranking Shortcut

A shortcut for better keyword rankings, suitable for a blog, is to write a genuine “yay or nay” response to a controversial topic.

In a way I no longer believe, I was dogmatic on my personal fitness blog. Yet I’d notice great traffic when I shared a negative opinion on something generally viewed positively.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Does controversy thrive because it garners attention and therefore backlinks? Or do search engines like Google try to show both sides of an issue within their algorithm?

The causation is likely reciprocal.

The titles for these pages should use words like Good or Bad, Pro or Con, and This Versus That. These keywords form phrases that often get high search volume alone, and you’ll stand a chance to rank for them.

Furthermore, they also boost your rankings on more general keyword themes as well, so consider this SEO tactic for your blog!

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