Good SEO Requires a Multi-Functional Marketing Team

For good SEO, you must “see the forest for the trees.”

  1. We love internal linking, yet many find it spammy.
  2. Using exact keyword phrases, or too much keyword-focused content, will ruin good writing.
  3. No one likes an ugly site just because it passes Core Web Vitals.
  4. Backlinks for their own sake may not generate quality traffic and could even harm the website by association.
  5. Searchers don’t care about keywords in content… they want solutions! Perhaps they need to buy quickly. This may or may not involve reading.
  6. Fixing technical issues like broken pages may be foundational but will barely drive organic growth.
  7. Revenue grows companies, not organic clicks & keyword rankings.

If great UX/UI is an indirect ranking factor, since users quickly click back to search results when unsatisfied, does this mean an SEO can update layouts? Of course not! Yet, a good designer is needed to compete organically.

As such, SEOs thrive when integrated within multi-functional marketing teams that include design, product, content, development/engineering & business intelligence/analytics/data science.

How many of these roles beyond SEO though understand structured data, canonical tags, JS best practices, psychology, and a near-endless list of ranking factors?

SEO brings a deep knowledge base that will otherwise be neglected, harming organic traffic growth!

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