3 Ways to Improve Homepage SEO

Think of your homepage as an engaging way to help users navigate your site. Though replete with news, CTAs, and social proof, it should also introduce them to your most important pages. This is vital for a good User Experience (UX).

Here are 3 tips to further optimize your homepage, addressing SEO as well:

  1. Internally link to key pages within the homepage’s body, which passes more value than those in the navigation or footer. Most homepages earn the highest link equity of any page on your website, so this spreads it best. It reduces click depth too.
  2. Avoid having clickable regions or division links alone, instead also using keyword-rich anchor & alt text for your links. This sends a better relevancy signal to the other page, likely boosting link equity transferred.
  3. Avoid hiding important text & links, such as by using accordions, as this content may get discounted in desktop search engine rankings.

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