Implement URL Breadcrumbs to Improve CTR

URL Breadcrumbs Structured Data Google SERP Example Circled

Did you know that you can manipulate how your page URLs display on Google? You can make them more appealing by adding structured data for breadcrumbs via HTML. This makes for cleaner listings, which improves the clickthrough rates.

Known as a breadcrumb trail, this feature indicates the page’s position within the site’s hierarchy directly in the search engine listing. This is also a great feature to add for any website, not just in search engines, especially those with a deep site architecture that requires more clicks to reach certain pages. Just be sure to have your structured data reflect the real architecture, not just keywords, to avoid a penalty.

Within WordPress, the Yoast SEO plugin can insert this automatically. Otherwise, Google provides this helpful resource for any web developer to easily implement breadcrumbs.

Extra Tip: Use Title Case for Each Breadcrumb to Better Draw a Prospect’s Eye.

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