Keyword Coaching to Improve SEO From Reviews

In his excellent book The Brain Audit: Unlocking the Mystery of the Customer’s Brain, Sean D’Souza compares a prospect’s brain to a conveyer belt. They seek 7 red bags, or steps to take, before making a decision. They don’t leave the airport, or buy a product or service, until they have grabbed all their luggage.

RDLDIGITAL Testimonials Reviews

Beyond reaching a Target Audience and providing Risk Reversal, he discusses the importance of Case Studies. He says that a great testimonial has the customer answer questions such as…

  1. What do you like most about the product/service?
  2. What are the three biggest benefits?

From an SEO perspective, we know that keywords in reviews will boost keyword rankings in the search engines. Therefore, when requesting testimonials, consider sending questions to guide them via keyword coaching. This will draw out valuable keywords, if phrased correctly.

During these sad and difficult times, companies are either cutting back or preparing for the future. Leveraging what you already have is a good strategy. Ask for testimonials, with questions included, to maximize the SEO value from your reviews.

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