Internal Links from Your Homepage’s Body

Quick SEO tip: link from your homepage’s body to your site’s most important pages.

Here’s why…

  1. The homepage usually accumulates the most backlinks, so internally linking then spreads its link equity to other pages.
  2. Google discounts links from the header & footer, favoring those in the primary content for passing link equity.
  3. Users often engage with the homepage, boosting traffic to other pages that may not occur from the navigation menu alone.
  4. New pages are found quickly here because search engines prioritize the homepage, which especially helps promising yet undiscovered content.
  5. It reduces click depth, or the # of clicks to reach a page from your home, which emphasizes their importance to search engines.

If you are a multi-location business relying on local SEO, link to your office location or “city” pages.

These should be your best lead generators, due to relevancy for both non-branded keywords (ex: Solar Installer) and the searcher’s location (ex: Salt Lake City).

Other pages are reached mostly by those aware of your company already!

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