5 Ways to Make Your SEO Assets More Accessible

A simple way to improve SEO is to make your assets more accessible:

  • Create ungated HTML versions of your PDF files.
  • Transcribe videos using speech-to-text software.
  • Technical SEO mistakes like improper canonicalization can prevent content from appearing in search results. An up-to-date XML sitemap is an invaluable backup in these cases.
  • Ensure important offline relationships are represented with backlinks.
  • Make the general more specific. Say you have great case studies buried under your Resources section, why not segment further through new pages by industry & solution? You’ll earn more organic traffic!

If being honest, SEOs have no idea if their tweaks will cause your page to rank well. The top 3 placements for most keywords in the SERPs are highly competitive and difficult to crack. There are countless factors involved, many outside your control.

However, the principle of making everything you have available to search engines is sound. More opportunities can only help. Furthermore, being more specific to attract fewer visitors (if you even could earn more), but with much higher conversion rates, is always the sensible path in SEO.

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