Get Notifications for On-Page SEO Changes… or Else!

Good SEO needs stable titles, headers, links & more.

Therefore when countless teams have access to change these elements in your CMS (and do), the results can be disastrous for organic search.

This goes beyond changes on a whim… it affects sensible processes too, like A/B testing or redesigns, that don’t involve SEO.

Without SEO, others in digital marketing are unlikely to realize what’s at stake. The cost may be lost keyword rankings, sometimes permanent, that drove many thousands of new visitors (and revenue dollars).

You can prevent or mitigate this in a few ways:

  1. Use software with on-page alerts like ContentKing (Conductor) or Little Warden that send email notifications so you can fix things quickly. (Ranking shifts mean you are too late!)
  2. Monitor change history in your CMS to know who did it.
  3. Limit credentials.

Never miss a useful SEO insight.