Develop Your People as Entities to Improve SEO

Google tries to identify entities behind content, with entities defined as “things or concepts that are singular, unique, well-defined, & distinguishable.”

Why does this matter and how does it affect SEO?

About a decade ago, prior to becoming an SEO in Salt Lake City, I was a personal trainer in Pittsburgh, PA. For each business, I created a site emphasizing my name, title, & location.

Like any good business owner, I enjoy searching for myself in ways no one else cares about. Several months ago, I found an interesting result. As you can see in the image, Google seems to understand my two professions.

Google connects authors with content. They determine areas of expertise and perhaps your influence through links, reviews, & mentions. This topical authority then follows you around the web.

In my case, I found unexpected keyword rankings despite competing against huge domains.

Therefore, while developing your company’s brand, associate people with your content too. They’ll become unique assets as their topical authority grows.

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