Perfect Knowledge Doesn’t Exist in SEO

We don’t need perfect knowledge to make sensible decisions in SEO.

On a very different yet related note, we still don’t know exactly what triggers muscle growth. However, if you apply progressive overload in shorter timeframes then you’ll achieve it, even if don’t fully understand what occurs. We figured it out via trial & error.

Google says that surrounding text within some unknown distance around a link, also called annotation text, matters beyond anchor text. These words could then be used to rank similar keywords better for the receiving asset or determine if the link is valid in the first place.

Furthermore, external links are considered more powerful because they are third-party votes, even if this hasn’t been conclusively proven.

Therefore, I’ll update company descriptions for clients’ most important third-party sites like industry-specific directories or local citations, regardless of follow vs. nofollow.

We’ll include major keywords to reinforce their domain-level topical relevancy & authority while ranking better on the external site itself. We ensure they maintain their brand voice and customize this by source.

I don’t care that many would consider this beyond SEO, and in truth, many SEO tactics have never been explicitly proven.

However, ensuring clarity around your products & services through keywords on vital pages would never harm a business.

We do need to have priorities though. Content & backlinks must come first. Yet going beyond the usual SEO, much like Information Gain Scores for ranking well, differentiates you from competitors.

You may not perfectly comprehend the inputs required to achieve a goal output, but good SEOs with many ideas, yet operating from solid principles, will test changes that lead to exceptional results!

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