PPC Lessons for SEO

SEO can learn much from PPC:

  1. Write relevant yet compelling titles & meta descriptions to improve clickthrough rates.
  2. Include keywords within breadcrumb trails similar to display URLs.
  3. Optimize pages by improving UX, for example by boosting page speed, alongside reinforcing Expertise, Authoritativeness, & Trustworthiness (E-A-T).

If you have the budget to experiment, enabling Dynamic Search Ads will discover keywords throughout your content attracting customers yet may not be emphasized well enough for natural search.

A big one though is to use PPC conversion data for deciding where to improve SEO. Analytics for SEO should not rely just on keyword rankings and organic traffic but foremost on conversions. PPC allows you to get specific about what keywords perform well.

As Drucker says, “What gets measured gets improved.”

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