More Relevant Pages Means More Organic Success

Many in digital marketing believe the aim of keyword research is to find then target “better” phrases, or those with high search volumes.

Keyword research instead helps you to better represent what you create to match search intent. This often means being more specific & competing for lower search volumes yet providing for & attracting your market. It’s the difference between a practical approach that serves others versus a hopeful, self-serving mindset. [1]

Keyword research also presents ideas not just for topics to address throughout informational content but even for new product features, as it reveals what prospects want.

Never forget that your competitors use the same SEO tools & strategies; you need to be honest about how you can differentiate yourself.

As not just as a good marketing principle but a sensible life lesson, remind yourself that “what you can give is what you can get.” Start & thrive within a niche, however small.

[1] Selfish approaches struggle in today’s search engines due to poor user engagement anyway.

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