Reviews Improve SEO Non-Technically

One of the best and least technical ways to improve SEO, for any business, is to solicit reviews.

While online reputation management (ORM) software can automate this process, such as sending a request when someone hits the right stage in your CRM, it can also be simple like ensuring an email or phone call after a big step in your sales process.

Timing matters… ask for this review soon after they buy your product or service.

Spread these reviews across wherever your target audience is. This may include local review destinations like Google My Business and Yelp. It could be specific to an industry such as SolarReviews and EnergySage within solar or Clutch and UpCity for digital marketing.

Some creative uses beyond SEO include Local Services by Google and PPC seller or merchant ratings on Google and Bing.

During these challenging times, leveraging our assets is vital. A customer or client has value beyond a sale. Improve SEO by getting more reviews now.

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