SaaS SEO Tip: Link from Login to Homepage

Here’s a vital SEO tip, specific to SaaS companies, that I’ve seen overlooked with several clients:

Link to your primary marketing site from your login page!

Salesforce Login Page Backlink to Primary Site SEO Example

Typically, you have a subdomain ( that customers use to enter your platform. However, search engines view this separately from your primary marketing site (

External sources often link to your login page though. Authority you earn from these links therefore gets trapped. These will fail to benefit keyword rankings on your primary marketing site.

Here are several more things to note:

  1. Many customers eventually use a custom domain for logging in, but references will still exist for the generic login page.
  2. Ensure this login page is indexable, meaning there’s not a noindex tag implemented either via the HTTP response header or meta tag. Don’t worry though… other pages within your portal will be non-indexable, since access is limited by password protection.
  3. The context for your link can be as simple as “Want to learn more? Visit” The anchor text would be the display URL.
  4. A backlink to the homepage spreads equity throughout the marketing site best, though a link to any page will help!
  5. Keep in mind this addition helps users too… it lets them research your platform despite potentially clicking a link to a page with little information.

In the competitive SaaS arena, don’t squander what you earned by failing to take a simple action… link to your primary marketing site from your login page!

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