SEO Is a Specialty

I met a great mechanic where I lived several years ago. He’s honest, always going the low-cost route first before doing anything big. I’ll travel far now to have work done at his shop, as he earned my loyalty for the long haul…

I should buy my next car from him, right? This clearly makes no sense. He could help by inspecting a future purchase, but his specialty has nothing to do with selling cars.

A good SEO is like a mechanic. We bring deep knowledge of how organic search works, but we don’t sell websites, content, or backlinks. We optimize where value already exists, so that a company best displays its relevance, UX, and authority.

Be wary of those in the field selling the opportunities above. They are fool’s good. Not only are SEOs unqualified for this, they often do a shoddy job that reflects poorly on your business, not just with prospects but search engines too.

Once you have great products & services, a strong brand, and a robust digital marketing effort, a good SEO can then leverage and integrate to greatly improve organic search results.

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