SEO Is Rarely the First Digital Marketing Channel

I read an excellent report from ZeroToUsers sharing the most successful digital marketing channels. These rolled the snowball down the hill so to speak, or accelerated growth, across founders interviewed on Indie Hackers.

SEO was the top acquisition channel. However, there was an important caveat: it was a major channel only after earning success in another. They would notice growing organic traffic then decide to optimize it.

I’ve been approached by companies both large and small for my services. Unfortunately, most small businesses fail to have enough clout, in part measured through brand mentions & backlinks, to rank for top keywords.

Most businesses shouldn’t depend upon organic search to drive growth. As they grow though, they’ll find that applying the many yet basic principles of SEO would allow this channel to become invaluable.

While anyone can start in SEO by sharing expertise in a niche, it’s doubtful to be a top channel until your company has already made an impact!

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