The Forbidden Secret to SEO Success

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a secret to incredible, easy, wow-that-is-just-so-great SEO success then LOOK NO FURTHER!

Technically you just did, but no matter, as you are now a glance closer to learning what should be forbidden yet soon to be possessed by you.

Start grinning, cackling even, if you haven’t.

The secret to SEO success:

Partner with successful companies!

Great businesses have…

  • an already-selling product or service (word of mouth, conversions & funds).
  • a clear niche (keywords to target & rank).
  • a digital marketing team (write content, fix web errors & create assets).
  • clout (backlinks).
  • success that doesn’t rely on SEO.

I just apply SEO best practices across technical, on-page & off-page factors to ‘clarify’ their success to search engines.

In more epic terms, I view my role as directing visibility to the best offerings in the economy, participating in an evolutionary process of sorts to remove those that can’t “make the grade” (for whatever reason) so they fail.

An SEO do-it-yourselfer simply won’t be able to scale their efforts, in today’s world, to make any real difference versus the competition, and a company hiring for this role won’t have the foundation to succeed anyway.

With an immense effort, startups can develop a content strategy to develop SEO, but success isn’t assured. I’m sure there are more failures than not. However, even startups will have most of those key factors I mentioned already in-place.

So don’t forget that the real secret in SEO is to partner with already-great businesses (then showcase with SEO best practices) in the first place!

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