Topical Relevance for SEO: Fish Where Fish Are

In his indispensable book The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients, David A. Fields says that many boutique firms and consultants fail to “fish where the fish are.” They avoid focusing on prospects…

  1. aware of the problem you solve.
  2. with an urgent need to solve that problem.

For an SEO consultant, writing a thoughtful guest blog on a major digital marketing outlet will reap more than cold email outreach to any marketing VP. Some readers will be responsible for their company’s marketing efforts. They may be seeking solutions to their problem right then.

With this lesson applied to any business, linkbuilding should take place where prospects may convert. This provides leads and sales directly from referral traffic. Furthermore, these invariably form the most topically relevant links, with their keywords overlapping your own, which search engines regard highly.

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