User Search Intent Should Determine Keywords

Never forget that search intent is driven by users, not companies!

Industry experience is overrated in SEO. My process is mostly the same for e-commerce, brick-and-mortar (local) & SaaS. I bring deep knowledge of how search engines work, and the SEO particulars for each business are not difficult.

Furthermore, SEO can be done just as well remotely, yet there is tremendous demand for services near searchers’ businesses (SEO Salt Lake City).

Despite my view, those considering my services feel otherwise. They want expertise not just for their industry but assumed problem area (technical/international SEO), CMS (Shopify/WordPress SEO), and with qualifiers that make little sense (professional/organic/Google SEO).

Yet I’d be foolish to ignore reality, to not at least consider these keywords, but know that you can share your own perspective on these subjects, perhaps clearly explaining why popular opinion is bullshit.

This can even boost rankings due to unique information shared versus your competitors, so the only mistake would be not to address them at all!

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