Brand Comparisons: A Great SEO Opportunity

Many businesses avoid comparing themselves to competitors, perhaps finding it undignified, despite being a tremendous SEO opportunity.

Brand comparison searches involve keywords like Alternative or Versus (usually entered as vs. or vs). They often compare two companies but sometimes multiple. They may have keywords like “Reddit” as users seek unbiased sources.

Here are some elements to include on these pages:

  1. Contrast features & pricing (what’s free too) by using a table.
  2. Add third-party reviews alongside testimonials from authorities in your space.
  3. Ensure your content is well-organized, using lots of headers and possibly a Table of Contents with hyperlinks to each major section.
  4. Include the current year within on-page SEO factors like title tags; update your content by sharing the latest differences as well.

Lastly, avoid obvious bias. Searchers will just ignore or bounce from these pages. Why not provide use cases where your business may not serve a customer well, suggesting your competitor as the best solution? This tightens your product-market fit anyway.

While Google may favor third-party review sources, and you could partner with them when viable, don’t ignore writing a brand comparison article on your own site. Educate and help your target audience, earning quality organic traffic along the way!

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