7 Content Hub Ideas to Improve SEO

Content hubs, also known as pillars or topic clusters, address broad themes and keywords. Their comprehensiveness on a subject or category improves SEO. They are like the center of a wheel with spokes, or related but specific pages, providing details.

Here are some ideas for better hubs:

  1. Add copy. A good start is to include Definitions, Overviews, or FAQs. Use keywords like Guide or Tutorial in titles & H1s.
  2. Hubs should be within a click of the homepage, so in the navigation perhaps under a Resources dropdown menu, to reduce click depth.
  3. Internally link, with keyword-rich anchor text, to subtopics while linking back as well. Filtering & sorting options, or a Table of Contents, can keep this organized. Consider showing blog feeds, from relevant categories & tags, to improve the hub’s freshness.
  4. Leverage any rich multimedia, above the fold, if possible.
  5. Link to your authors, and other experts that influence content, on these pages to improve E-A-T.
  6. Embed general brand reviews when possible.
  7. Place CTAs & social media sharing links, though be careful not to overemphasize these aspects.

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