Do You Even Need SEO?

A few weeks ago, you started walking regularly.

Next month though, you’ll not just run a marathon but crush it.

You have an intro call with an Olympic running coach.

You discuss how to achieve your goal race time. You learn about tapering your workouts toward a great performance. You even get answers to questions on how to pump your arms, nutrition, and what shoes to wear.

Impressed, you end by asking, “When do YOU start running?”

Many approach SEO in a similar, but less clearly nonsensical, fashion:

1. You must run yourself! A good SEO brings knowledge but can’t implement most recommendations alone. Your company must create assets, write content, attract links, and revise webpages.

2. A top instructor only makes sense for a competitive athlete. This know-how (and its price) is otherwise excessive. Large companies simply have more resources: pages, target keywords, clout in their field, and so forth to make SEO impactful.

So, before deciding to pursue SEO, make sure it’s sensible to “run with it” in the first place!

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