Improve SEO with Scannable Content

A great way to improve both UX and SEO is to make content scannable:

  • Lead with your conclusion.
  • Have 1 idea per paragraph.
  • Use short paragraphs with no more than 3-5 sentences.
  • Keep sentences brief; think twice about 15+ words.
  • Use simpler words.
  • Use more headers & subheaders; think outline format.
  • Add a Table of Contents that jumps you to headers.
  • Incorporate more bulleted/numbered lists & tables.
  • Highlight keyword phrases through bold text & hyperlinks.
  • Intersperse high-quality images & videos.
  • Add CTAs & forms throughout the copy.

This not only decreases bounce rates, it also increases the chance for both rich and featured snippets.

Rich snippets enhance your normal page listings, such as through sitelinks.

Featured snippets are quick answers pulled from your pages and shown directly in the search engine results.

Here’s an extra tip… keep in mind this only refers to making content digestible… longform content still generally performs best for SEO and the right users!

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