Inferences to Find Obscure but Profitable Keywords

Inferences provide a novel way to discover valuable keywords.

Say you are an SEO consultant hoping to rank well for your specialties. You explore associated keywords with your favorite SEO tool or Google’s free Keyword Planner.

After entering ‘SEO Consultant,’ you notice decent search volume for ‘WordPress SEO Consultant.’

Here’s the deduction: there’s significant total volume for each major Content Management System (CMS) like Squarespace, Drupal, Shopify and so forth.

Perhaps the volume is lower when substituting a different CMS within the keyword you noted, but this oversimplifies things and shouldn’t deter you.

Why is this true?

Consider general intent: companies want to partner with SEO consultants experienced in their CMS.

This intent spreads across many long-tailed phrases like ‘Shopify SEO Expert’ or ‘Shopify SEO Services.’ Analyzing root keywords alone can mislead you.

Keep in mind also that conspicuous keywords will be more difficult to rank for since your competitors see them as well!

Focus on how your product or service resolves not just a specific query but a larger problem. Target each keyword theme in that category, through a dedicated page, when your solution has unique value.

Trust inferences to find obscure but profitable keywords!

Never miss a useful SEO insight.