Inverted Pyramid Content Strategy for Better SEO

A good approach to content, which helps SEO too, is to apply the inverted pyramid strategy.

This means summarizing key points at the start, to immediately align your page with visitor intent, then using the remaining copy to provide details and tell your story.

For SEO, a 1-3 sentence paragraph or bulleted list right away will up the chances for an answer box. This featured snippet can display when your page ranks for the search query.

Segment your whole content, instead of having huge blocks, to help this along.

Use important keywords within the first 100 words, addressing the main topic and subtopics, to not just improve relevancy for users but search engines too.

Combine the inverted pyramid with rich multimedia, alongside UX/UI factors like a Table of Contents, and you’ll earn more long clicks, an SEO ranking factor.

Extra tip: View your content using a mobile device to better segment it. A good rule of thumb is no more than 5 lines per paragraph. Lines themselves shouldn’t be more than 80 characters long.

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