Learn SEO Best by Doing It

It helps to do SEO instead of just learning about it.

One of my lifelong passions is natural bodybuilding, not competitively but to look better in everyday life. I write a blog on this called RDLFITNESS. I also use this as a lab for SEO experiments.

The image above shows a featured snippet from my latest post. This is when Google pulls from content to quickly answer or summarize a response to a search. Let’s analyze each part:

  • The title, Bodybuilding Secrets for Wider Delts, has keywords yet evokes curiosity to boost clickthrough rate (CTR).
  • The bulleted list comes from several H2 tags. I also have a Table of Contents at the beginning with jump links to each header. This improves UX and increases the chances of a featured snippet plus sitelinks. (See an example in the image below, with sitelinks below the meta description.)
  • The image is a classic bodybuilder known for ultra-wide shoulders. My blog is mostly text, but I always include an image. This will be shown within Google and when shared on social channels for CTR.
  • The URL breadcrumb trail (Archives > Bodybuilding) is from my blog categories, implemented through Yoast’s SEO plugin on WordPress, and has Title Case to further draw the eye.

If you want to figure out SEO, or digital marketing as a whole, nothing beats trying it yourself! An easy way is to start a personal blog around a hobby.

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