More Scalable Ways to Improve WP SEO

Here are several more scalable ways to improve your blog’s SEO:

  1. While it’s common to have a Date Published property shown, consider Date Modified too. When editing past content, this will automatically show when that page updated. It can help you to rank better for queries such as *Keyword 2020* while letting users know it’s fresh material.
  2. Have important elements be fixed or “sticky” like the nav menu, social sharing & liking buttons, a Table of Contents, or a newsletter sign-up.
  3. A progress bar at the top that advances as the visitor scrolls down the page, alongside total reading time, can help users to stay committed.
  4. Have an HTML-based image. If not, define a default image through Open Graph markup. This shows an image thumbnail when shared on social for higher CTRs.
  5. Try adding a Scroll to Top button, related/popular blogs, categories/tags, next/previous posts, & comments at the end which all promote engagement.

Most of these tips would seem to be improve UX over SEO. Remember though that Dwell Time, or how long as user stays on a page before returning to the search results, is an SEO ranking factor!

Therefore, anything improving the User Experience also boosts SEO.

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