Optimizing Press Releases for Better SEO

SEO means getting the most from your assets, including press releases.

While pruning content for clients, I notice these getting more backlinks compared to the usual post.

Not surprising, as many releases announce partnerships & get distribution. A key to earning attention, which translates to more backlinks for better search rankings, is to highlight others. By promoting them, you help yourself in the end too.

Yet most companies fail to get the most from PR without including some keyword-based links within the body. Google patents allude to these transferring more link equity than navigational links like those in the header, footer & sidebar. Google reps have also mentioned discounting navigational links.

So try adding a few to key pages on your own site. These should better describe relevant products or services plus further details (from which you could use a link chain).

Be careful though as viewers care about the news here, not the organic search boost for ‘out of place’ pages. Done thoughtfully though, those pages will receive an organic search boost!

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