Organic Search Unites Marketing Teams

Organic search is the perfect channel to unite marketing teams!

SEOs, even if held responsible for the channel’s KPIs, have the LEAST effect on its performance.


An SEO expert brings deep knowledge of search engine ranking factors, but they aren’t creators… they improve assets. They ensure best practices spread in that a company’s overall marketing helps SEO “along the way.”

Furthermore, subteams finding it tough to show conversions can still prove how they affected organic success.

Here’s a very incomplete list on how each channel or team helps organic search:

  1. PR earns backlinks, increasing authority and therefore keyword rankings.
  2. Content links blogs to hub pages, which gives better context and better keyword rankings too.
  3. Developers add structured data that enrichens search results, boosting CTR.
  4. Designers create assets that improve UX & UI, decreasing clickbacks for better keyword rankings yet again.
  5. Software engineers design useful tools and other features that naturally attract visitors… you know how this ends by now.

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