Reduce Click Depth to Improve Blog SEO

Pages targeting important keywords should usually be hub pages.

Think major cities for multi-location businesses, categories for e-commerce, and solutions for SaaS. Hub pages should be emphasized in more than several ways throughout your site.

However, sometimes a blog ends up ranking fairly well for a top keyword. You already refined its on-page & off-page SEO. What else can you do?

Link to it in a Popular Articles section from your nav menu!

This decreases click depth. It means that users, Google and other search engines make fewer clicks to get there from your homepage. Furthermore, this also helps users quickly find your best content.

However, link saturation isn’t good either, as every link dilutes the influence of PageRank.

Extra tip: list your most authoritative pages using a tool like SEMrush. Then, use a crawling tool like Screaming Frog to perform a custom search on these URLs for anchor text representing that blog. Add inbound links.

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