Segmentation Improves SEO

Segmentation is defined as “division into separate parts.”

For SEO, it can be applied heuristically in at least a few ways:

  1. For content, use additional headers & paragraphs, shorter sentences, more bulleted lists, fewer lines & more CTAs to boost engagement.
  2. For design, treat each section of a webpage like a billboard. We mostly scan; we don’t read. Therefore, call attention to what matters through contrast, whitespace & multimedia.
  3. For keyword rankings, create specific pages. For example, a general page with office locations or software integrations can segment by city or platform type. For a podcast, you may want to have brief clips by topic instead of just episodes.

Like anything in SEO, you can go too far here… you still must address a real need, while adding enough value, to justify segmentation.

However, done sensibly, this mindset drives organic success!

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