Target a General Keyword on Your Homepage

Many companies avoid SEO on their homepage, using it only for branding purposes.

This isn’t so misguided. A homepage covers broad intent so lacks the keyword focus possible through other pages. Many people reach it through a branded query anyway.

However, this page is still a great opportunity for targeting a general keyword phrase, possibly with very high search volume, that summarizes your products or services.

You can start by including this phrase after your brand in the homepage’s title tag. In most cases, it stands the best chance to rank for it among all pages on your site. Make sure the title is readable though, like good SEO anywhere else.

Furthermore, your homepage should always internally link to key organic pages. This spreads authority most efficiently for better keyword rankings.

Many businesses instead treat their homepage like a landing page, making it appealing but self-contained, which provides little SEO value to the rest of their site.

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