Technical SEO Auditing Is a Manual Process

A tech SEO audit shouldn’t be an automated report.

A proper audit is manual, with SEOs actually using the site. It sets priorities through good principles & practical considerations.

SEO tools do show issues but give false positives while overlooking deep problems.

For instance, duplicate content rarely makes sense to address for deindexed pages yet are often flagged.

Some issues can only be seen firsthand. I always suggest removing unneeded pages to conserve link equity. Thin content is more than word counts though.

Finally, tools promote gamification. You aim for a perfect score, using the platform instead of best improving SEO. Fixing every broken link for example ignores opportunity cost, wasting valuable time within marketing teams.

Auditing is foundational to organic search results. However, a templatized approach to SEO is just a long checklist without clear impact, so unfortunately doesn’t lead to getting much done!

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