Why SEO Fails Both Large & Small Businesses

Why are midsize companies not just ideal for but, with rare exceptions, the only businesses to benefit from SEO?

1. You must implement change quickly!

Several months to update tags means you aren’t nimble enough to capture much search intent beyond navigational.

Furthermore, the “silo mentality” that often defines large enterprises will ruin integration essential for SEO, but…

2. You need assets.

SEOs create, but don’t originate, value. You must spread best practices throughout content, web dev, creative, PR and so forth. So, you can’t be too small because…

3. You need enough organic traffic to multiply your return, not just on SEO costs but asset production too.

Small businesses would do better to focus on local visibility. Write, speak publicly, or get involved with trade orgs.

B2C can be more responsive to SEO but not exclusively, as magnitude of sale may compensate for lower search volume in B2B.

Either way, there must be non-branded keyword demand in your industry.

Therefore, before you consider SEO, ensure it’s the right fit in the first place!

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