Improving Sitelinks for Better SEO

Sitelinks Homepage Navigation Menu Example

Sitelinks show up below your main search result page, for both desktop & mobile on Google, to help searchers navigate your content.

Sitelinks improve SEO by expanding & enriching your search listing’s real estate.

I’ve seen sitelinks occur in a few ways:

  1. Internal links, from your main search result page leading to popular content, are shown.
  2. If you have a Table of Contents, with links jumping to each section of your content, these often appear.
  3. For the homepage, the primary text/links are pulled from the navigation menu.

Here’s a quick tip: ensure your homepage’s navigation menu links to hub pages instead of text only. For example, a company may have a Services dropdown, which then expands to show pages describing each service.

In this case, Services itself is not a page but just plain text for a dropdown to display the specific pages. This is a mistake; you should create a Services hub page with unique content that links to the child pages as well. Otherwise, your sitelinks will show the primary text but link to your uppermost page in the menu, causing a confusing experience.

Google relies on hub pages to understand your content. Also use keywords within your anchor text when possible, not generically, to help further. Optimizing for sitelinks means having a coherent site structure, which improves not only SEO but UX as well.