5 Scalable Ways to Improve WordPress Blog SEO

Here are 5 scalable ways to improve SEO for your WordPress blog:

  1. Add a Table of Contents: This means links at the beginning of your content that jump to each major header section via anchors. This increases the chances for sitelinks, featured snippets, & highlighted text while improving UX.
  1. Enable Breadcrumbs: This can be done easily with the Yoast SEO plugin. It involves two parts… first, adding breadcrumbs to your theme at the top of a page will display that page’s position in your site’s hierarchy. Second, this can also be shown within search results by enabling this feature within Yoast. This optimizes internal linking while reinforcing your site structure for search engines & users. It also has your search listing look more appealing.
  1. Create an Author Box: This is a short bio with a pic for the blog’s author. It should link to an author category page, with all posts they have written, plus a longer bio. Include outbound links on this page that prove their authority, if possible. This may help to establish & improve E-A-T (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness).
  1. Include a “Last Modified” Date: This is in addition to the date published. This can be pulled automatically via a page builder plugin that extends your theme like Elementor. This helps you rank better for queries like “Keyword 2020” while letting users know your content is fresh.
  1. Add Related Posts: A plugin like YARPP makes this easy to implement. This encourages users to engage with more pages per session, improving dwell time for SEO.

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